Experimental Tea Garden

Regenerative Permaculture

Drawing on my knowledge of permaculture (which I’ve been exploring on and off for more than 7 years now) and driven by my journey with tea, I am pleased to share with you my wish to explore this path in the next coming years through the introduction of a holistic and mindful approach for growing tea.

This approach will be based on a regenerative (creating a restoration, preservation and transmission framework), organic (fostering an integrated nature-human beings-tea synergistic relationship), open (applying inexpensive, easy, resilient and local solutions) and transparent (sharing information and insights freely) model.

This model will gradually be detailed, implemented, tested and revised (based on documented empirical observations) over the next coming years through the creation of a small, garden-like pilot project (aiming to be rather confidential than commercial). While the location is still to be determined, places located at low elevation in tropical/subtropical regions and where tea has never been grown before (or very marginally) will likely be prioritized. I am hoping to start further planning and initiate the first implementations around 2023-2024.

To be kept informed about the development of this project, please feel free to follow me on Instagram. This page will also be updated accordingly in due course.

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