Raphaël & Le cerf-volant

Many moons ago, while Raphaël was still slowly wandering around Asia for a few years, a then mild interest for tea started to rapidly blossom and mature as a consequence of numerous experiences, visits, and sharing sessions with a disparate group of tea enthusiasts and well-versed individuals around mountains, farms, cities and houses at the service of this leaf.

Since then, tea has naturally found a strong anchoring point in his daily life, inviting him to learn, explore, and treasure the essence of its nourishing, wise languages and traditions. Therein lies a safe temple and a familiar refuge within which the color of Life’s silences is crystallized and revealed in its humble, simple beauty.

Today, he is keen to share and document this contemplative, mindful, and abundant journey in a semi-nomadic fashion through tea sharing sessions and ceremonies, photography, as well as other spontaneous projects, inspired by Nature and her altruistic spirit. Le cerf-volant (“The kite” in French) serves as a catalyst aiming to offer and cultivate slow tea refuges as well as new forms of exploration to those who are seeking solace, tranquility, and wisdom in their daily life.

Note: A curated, regularly updated list of tea-related resources found to be informative, relevant, and trustworthy can be found here. You might also be interested in checking the teaware your host currently parting ways with (brand new/retired/vintage/antique pieces put for sale).

Other personal projects

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