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New, Retired, & Vintage Pieces

Here is a listing of all the teaware Raphaël is currently parting ways with (new/retired/vintage/antique pieces), also visible on this dedicated IG account. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email or a message on Instagram.

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Available pieces

Three-foot ‘Autumn Mountain’ Western Raku Chawan by French Potter wAki

With the aim of consolidating my tea bowl collection and free up some space, I’m parting ways with this lovely western Raku chawan crafted by French potter wAki.

Its organic profile and the patterns formed by the cracks coming from the firing are very pleasing to the eye. The outside color of the bowl, reminiscent of cherry blossoms, confers a soft and gentle character to the piece, strengthened by the white colour covering the inside. Its rounded shape allows the bowl to fall naturally into the hands of the one holding it, making it very easy and comfortable to use. The most noticeable feature of this piece is still its three-foot kōdai, offering a beautiful balance and harmony to the bowl. Bearing the potter’s seal, located next to the foot.

– Condition: Excellent (A+)

– Measurements: 10.5 cm (width), 8.4 cm (height)

– Note: No tomobako

– Price: €120 + shipping

Izumo/Rakuzan Ido-style Chawan by Japanese Potter Nagaoka Sora (1898-1961), 10th generation Nagaoka Sumiemon 長岡住右衛門

With the aim of consolidating my tea bowl collection and free up some space, I’m parting ways with this lovely Izumo/Rakuzan chawan crafted by Japanese potter Nagaoka Sora.

The outside of the bowl reveals thin, elegant and discrete terracotta-colored stripes, beautifully contrasting with the light blueish-gray color of the glaze. A very subtle rokurome pattern can also be observed, typical of ido chawans’ spontaneous irregularities. The most prominent feature of this piece is undoubtedly its tall wari-kōdai (type of kōdai split with one to three or four cuts), somewhat reminiscent of kureki bowls (chawans inspired by wooden bowls used for eating and drinking in Zen temples), which gives a strong but humble presence to the piece. Bearing the potter’s seal, located next to the foot.

– Condition: Excellent (A+)

– Measurements: 12.8 cm (width), 9.1 cm (height), 256 g (weight)

– Note: No tomobako

– Price: €140 + shipping

Autumnal Shino Chawan by Spanish Potter Encarna Soler

With the aim of consolidating my collection and free up some space, I’m parting ways with this very nice shino chawan crafted by Spanish potter Encarna Soler.

Its warm, organic profile is particularly pleasing, featuring orange, brown, and yellow hues that will perfectly find their place in your autumnal tea ceremonies. It pairs especially well with black or dark brown utensils (chashaku, natsume, etc).

In excellent condition. No tomobako.

For €120 + shipping, it is yours.

Karatsu Guinomi by Japanese Potter Kenji Koga 古賀賢治


For sale is a Karatsu guinomi by Japanese potter Kenji Koga 古賀賢治. It features a humble organic character, very wabi in its essence. Comes with its original tomobako + cloth.

Note that the marks located around the foot are not defects and are simply the result of the cup being detached from the kiln after firing.

– Condition: like new
– Capacity: 50 ml
– Measurements: ~5.3 cm (height), 5.6 cm (diameter)
– Weight: 87.8 g

For €50 + shipping, it is yours.

A video of the guinomi can be seen here.

Easy Gaiwan by Chinese Pottery Studio Zhuosu 拙素陶

For sale is an easy gaiwan crafted by Chinese pottery studio Zhuosu 拙素陶. Its organic-like design features a nice dark slip as well thick walls, making it ideal for brewing shou pu’er and other fermented teas. Bears the seal of the studio, located under the lid.

– Condition: like new
– Capacity: 150 ml
– Measurements: ~8 cm (height), 10.3 cm (diameter with spout)
– Weight: 284 g

For €100 + shipping, it is yours.

Vintage Bizen Chawan

For sale is this sober, vintage Bizen chawan (Ko-Bizen). It features a very humble profile along with thick walls, making it ideal for tea ceremonies taking place in autumn or winter. Bears a kiln mark located on the foot (potter/kiln and date unknown).

– Condition: like new
– Measurements: ~12.5 cm (total diameter), ~8.8 cm (height)
– Weight: 450 g

For €60 + shipping, it is yours.

Nodate-style Size Tea Bowl by Japanese Potter Akihiro Nikaido 二階堂明弘

A very pleasant bowl featuring a rustic look as well as an elegant high foot. Perfect for nodate gatherings and ceremonies.

– in excellent condition
– 12cm (width) x 8cm (height)

For €120 + shipping, it’s yours.

Set of 5 Gongfu Tea Cups by French potter Margaux Thoueille

– ~30ml
– glazed
– in excellent condition

For €50 + shipping, they are yours.

Set of 2 Cha Hai/Gong Dao Bei

– A glass cha hai (~180ml, 418g), featuring a nice bubble/raindrop pattern enclosed inside the glass itself. Excellent condition (has been used frequently but thoroughly cleaned).


– An old Bizen cha hai (~90ml, 100g, date unknown), particularly suitable to be used in conjunction with a small teapot. Good condition (presence of a pre-existing small crack near the brim; see picture).

Getting those would basically cover all your needs.

For €70 + shipping, they are yours.

Old Vintage Banko Hohin

A very interesting vintage Banko piece featuring a wide flat knob. The lid is a bit loose (nothing unusual considering the nature of the piece). There is a very thin, small crack under the spout which has been repaired. While there is a seal mark at the bottom of the hohin, the potter as well as the date are unknown.

– ~150ml
– €120 + shipping

LQER seaweed tea cup (set of 5)

– ~20ml
– overall in good condition (some cups have small chips)
– €80 + shipping

Tokoname-style Kyusu with Woodeen Handle by American Potter Arturo Alvarez

– ~250ml
– 228g
– ball filter
– glazed inside
– barely used
– quite suitable for a bowl tea practice (w/ hongcha, hojicha, shou puerh)
– €150 + shipping

Gaiwan by Russian potter Dmitriy Loginov w/ tea cup by German potter Karina Klages

– 120ml (to the lid)
– glazed
– 311g
– barely used
– comes with 1 glazed cup (matching in volume) by German potter Karina Klages
– €70 + shipping

Brand New Handmade Chaozhou Gongfu Clay Kettle

– w/ chimney (allowing the water to boil faster and more evenly)
– unglazed
– 350ml
– 6 holes direct filter
– 214g
– brand new
– €70 + shipping


Sold pieces

  • Antique Chaire from Edo-period Tea Master Yabuuchi Hironosai (“Chikuin”/”Bamboo Shade”) 藪内比老斎 (竹陰) – (1727-1800) [19/03/2023]
  • Sheep Fat Glazed Porcelain Gaiwan by Taiwanese studio Anta Pottery (with saucer and original gift box) [22/05/2022]
  • Ying yang Yixing hohin by Dai Yuping 戴玉屏 (1875 – 1926) [08/05/2022]
  • Flat Tokoname Yohen Yokode Kyusu by Japanese potter Yokei Mizuno [26/03/2022]
  • Bowls by Czech potter Petr Novak (set of 2) [03/03/2022]
  • Old Hagi Chawan w/ tomobako (bearing the seal of Japanese potter Murata Gen / 1904-1988) [02/10/2021]
  • Wood-fired porcelain guinomi by Japanese potter Haruyuki Matsumoto [02/08/2021]
  • Yuzamashi/katakuchi/cha hai/gong dao bei by Ocean Ridge Kiln (Izu, Japan) [02/08/2021]
  • Pancake Kyusu by Belgian potter Inge Nielsen w/ Karatsu guinomi [02/08/2021]
  • Small Yixing Julun Zhu Teapot [02/08/2021]
  • Brand New 40ml Celadon Tea Cups (set of 6) [22/04/2021]
  • Wooden Sidehandle Teapot by American potter Arturo Alvarez [22/02/2021]


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