Help further

To this day, Raphaël and his humble project Le cerf-volant strive to selflessly offer – through tea sharing sessions, gatherings and other events – safe refuges of expression infused with openness, thoughtfulness, and slow silences that welcome all individuals.

To help continue to nourish this circle of abundance, those who resonate with this endeavor of love and passion are invited to further support this project if they wish and are able to do so.

Every donation is precious and will contribute in sourcing and buying more artisan, organic teas that will then be served to you and others through different sharing initiatives and events facilitated by Le cerf-volant and its host. Additionally, those gatherings often require the use of charcoal along with a stove (intended to boil water). Any extra or unused charcoal can be sent directly to 够 GROW Lifestyle Space where Raphaël will gratefully receive it and use it wisely.

Thank you for your warm and unwavering support as well as for nourishing this modest and yet precious endeavor.

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