Reminiscent presence

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It would not be disproportionately unreasonable to consider and cultivate the idea that in truth Water, in the process of tea brewing, primarily serves a rehydration and quenching purpose for the dry leaves. Just as she does for all living beings, contributing to their subsistence and blossoming. This parallel has a certain relevance and could invite further reflection. Perhaps the cup that one is drinking is in fact the reminiscent presence of the water that was once flowing through the veins of each fresh leaf and the aliveness of their original host, now allowed to fully express their true nature and tell their story once again. Perhaps the extraction of chemical constituents that lead to the formation or aroma notes, body, and mouthfeel is simply a fortunate and welcome consequence that just happens to be one of the cornerstones of all tea practices and organoleptic experiences ~

Is dwelling in the cup tea from the water or water from the tea? Ten thousand answers wandering in an uncultivated field of possibilities ~

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